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ASTM A106 Pressure Pipe
Date:2015-10-15      View(s):1851      Tag:ASTM A106 pressure pipe, ASTM A 106 seamless pipe, seamless pressure pipe

We have set the standard for high quality seamless steel pipe products and exceptionally quick turnaround. Now, PRIME STEEL PIPE seamless tube and pipe has ASTM A106 pressure pipe in stock and available when you need it! The specification ranges from 1/2'' to 2'' on hand and ready for immediate delivery. Besides, the pipes is also avaliable in hot-dipped galvanized, pickled, oiled and plugged, 3PE coated. PRIME STEEL PIPE carries ASTM A106 seamless pressure pipe products to suit applications for major refineries, petro-chemical plants, power plants, boiler facricators, heat exchangers and other facilities that transport fluids and gases which reach high temperature and pressure level. 

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