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  • The difference between Annealing and Tempering.

    Date:2015-12-18      View(s):1876      Tag:annealing, tempering, annealing process, tempering process

    The difference between Annealing and Tempering. Annealing is applied to a variety of metal processing, the main effect of annealing is to soften the metal and strengthen toughness. Annealing of steel is used in the production of preliminary heat treatment process. ...

  • What is Tempering?

    Date:2015-12-17      View(s):1482      Tag:

    What is Tempering? Tempering is a metal treatment process. After hardening, the meal piece need to re-heating to an appropriate temperature, hold this temperature degree for a while, and then slowly or rapidly cooled. ...

  • Why Need Tempering for Producing Pipeline?

    Date:2015-12-16      View(s):1584      Tag:pipeline production process, line pipe production process, tempering process for pipeline

    Pipeline: API SPEC 5L-2011 (Pipeline Specification) is the American Petroleum Institute published pipeline standard used allover the world. Pipeline is used to extract oil, gas or water to the ground and transport to the oil and gas industry....

  • What is Welding Preheating Process

    Date:2015-12-09      View(s):1645      Tag:welding preheating process, welded steel pipes, erw steel pipes, steel pipe manufacturintg process

    Welding preheating is the process before high frequency welding or submerged-arc welding process for producing welded steel pipes. When the environment temperature is too low, welding preheating process is quite necessary. ...

  • 3PE Anti-corrosion coating Production Flow Chart

    Date:2015-10-19      View(s):2436      Tag:3PE anti-corrosion coating, 3PE coated steel pipe

    Polyethylene three layer anti-corrosion coating, know as 3PE coating, is the world advanced anti-corrosion technology. ...

  • The developing of SSAW steel pipes welding technology

    Date:2015-10-13      View(s):1733      Tag:SSAW carbon steel pipes, SSAW steel pipe manufacuturer and supplier

    With the continuing improvement in quality of hot rolled coils and the progress in pipe-processing equipment and technology, the quality of spirally welded pipes was enhanced rapidaly....

  • What is LSAW Steel Pipe

    Date:2015-10-10      View(s):1534      Tag:LSAW steel pipe, LSAW carbon steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe manufacturer, LSAW steel pipe supplier

    Longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe, a type of longitudinally welded steel pipe produced by using the double-sided submerged arc welding method. LSAW pipes are welded tubular products made out of flat plates that are formed, bent and prepared for welding. ...

  • Different Types of Pipe Surface Finish you need to know

    Date:2015-10-08      View(s):2645      Tag:steel pipe surface finish, black steel pipe, black varnished steel pipe, galvaznied steel pipe

    Different Types of Pipe Surface Finish you need to know...

  • Large-diameter LSAW Steel Pipe Production Process

    Date:2015-10-06      View(s):1699      Tag:LSAW steel pipe, carbon steel pipes, steel pipe production process

    Large-diameter LSAW steel pipe production process mainly explained: ...

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