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  • Metal wear is one of the main reason behind boiler tube leaks

    Date:2016-01-03      View(s):1588      Tag:boiler tubes, economizer, low temperature super heater, reheater

    Metal wear is one of the main reason behind boiler tube leaks.Metal wear leaking pipe explosion occurred mainly in the economizer, low temperature super heater, re-heater. ...

  • How to tell the blasting damage of boiler tubes and water wall tubes?

    Date:2016-01-01      View(s):1727      Tag:boiler tubes, boiler tube manufacturer, boiler, water wall tube, water wall tubes

    When analyzing boiler tubes and water wall tubes blasting damage, we need to aware of the following phenomena: ...

  • Steel Pipe Applicaton

    Date:2015-10-31      View(s):1791      Tag:steel pipe manufacturer, steel pipe factory, steel pipe supplier, carbon steel pipe manufacturer

    A common use for steel pipe is to devert water under a driveway or ditch. This is called culvert pipe. Culvert pipe can be found under roadways, canals or railroads and are mainly used to control rainwater runoff and divert water overflows....

  • Casing Pipe Application

    Date:2015-10-30      View(s):1977      Tag:casing pipe supplier, api 5ct casing pipe manufacturer, api 5ct casing pipe exporter

    Casing pipe is typically used to encase and protect something. A typical uses for casing pipe is in underground construction to protect utility lines from damage. This steel casing protects utility lines not only from the elements but from future construction activity such as digging or drilling. ...

  • Do you know the Using Advantages of Galvanized Steel Pipes ?

    Date:2015-09-21      View(s):1909      Tag:Galvanized Steel Pipe, Coating Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Pipes

    Galvanized Steel Pipes are widely used in many fields, do you kown the reason why is so popular? Below is three main using advantages of Galvanized Steel Pipes you might want to know:...

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