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  • Coal industry overcapacity in China

    Date:2015-11-01      View(s):1157      Tag:carbon steel pipe manufacturing, ERW steel pipe manufacturing, Pipe Fittings Manufacturing

    Coal industry overcapacity lead to the largest coal enterprise---Shenhua is starting to transform. In the future, Shenhua is going to focus on nuclear power....

  • US steel imports declined for five consecutive months.

    Date:2015-10-31      View(s):1150      Tag:US steel imports, carbon steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe

    According to the US Commerce Departmen data released, the total US imports in September is about 2.516 million tons with a decline of 9.4 percent, down nearly 29% for five consecutive months....

  • Anti-dumping Investigation of Importing Carbon Steel Pipes.

    Date:2015-09-09      View(s):1183      Tag:Importing carbon steel pipes, US anti-dumping investigation, US steel pipe factory

    Affected by the importing steel pipes from South Korea, Mexico, and Turkey, The US Factories forced the Government to keep the anti-dumping investigation on importing carbon steel pipes....

  • Chinese Export of Steel has reached 9.73 million tons in August 2015.

    Date:2015-09-07      View(s):1108      Tag:steel exports, steel pipe exports, Chinese steel exports

    Chinese exports of steel products has reached 9.73 million tons in August 2015 with a increase rate of 25.4%. From January to August, Chinese total export of steel has reached 71.87 million tons with an increase rate of 26.5%. ...

  • Steel Factories has influenced by the World War Two Victory Parad in Beijing

    Date:2015-09-03      View(s):1123      Tag:

    Influenced by the World War Two Victory Parade in Beijing September 3rd, 2015. Most of Steel Factories has stopped producing temporary. ...

  • Turkey Steel Imports from China Increased Substantially by 284%.

    Date:2015-07-31      View(s):1161      Tag:steel imports, steel pipe imports, steel imports from China, steel pipe imports from China

    Due to the surging steel imports from China, in the first quarter of 2015, Turkey steel manufacturers urged the Government to take back against  Chinese steel safeguards. ...

  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Restructure Overseas Operations

    Date:2015-07-07      View(s):1137      Tag:steel industry, steel pipe industry, Chinese steel industry

    Starting from July 1, Japan’s biggest steel manufacturers restructuring its overseas operations to further increase its competitive advantages. ...

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