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Schedule Tubes Technical Information
Date:2019-09-11      View(s):219      Tag:Schedule Tubes

Schedule pipe is the denomination given to the result rounded to the ten calculated by the formula: SCH = P / S where P is the working pressure of the pipe and S is the tension (pressure) corresponding to 60% of the material flow limit at 20 degrees. W.


Therefore for the same outside diameter of a conduit pipe, the larger the SCH the greater the wall thickness in relation to its diameter. The Schedule therefore defines the wall thickness of the pipe, and the values set for each Schedule (thickness) in the various diameters are tabulated and agreed in the corresponding standards.


For example, ASTM and NBR 5590 standards follow dimensions according to the standard defined in ANSI B 36.10. In less common standards, European DIN, BS and others, as well as Brazilian standards ABNT, is not common the designation of thicknesses in Schedule but rather as recommendation of ISSO (INTERNATIONAL STANDARDZATION ORGANIZATION) that establishes thickness classes, which are defined as table of each standard.


Schedule Tubes are fluid-conducting Steel Tubes with quality requirements. They have chemical composition limits and tolerances and mechanical properties specified by NBR 5590. NBR 5590 / A53 Steel Pipes or SCH Pipes, as they are known, are carbon steel pipes used to conduct fluids also under pressure and / or high temperatures. in mechanical applications and general machining.


Prime Steel Pipe provides black or galvanized Schedule Tubes with or without seam, in bars or in some cases cut to size. Schedule Pipes are obligatorily supplied with a quality certificate, characterizing the results of the mechanical tests and tests carried out at the time of steel tube fabrication, thus allowing total accuracy and safety in their installations.

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